Prologue – Ci

She was chasing him through the rain.  Like a Hound for the Prince should.  Like a dog at his heels.  A vicious dog, possibly rabid.  The Prince of Brooklyn had enough of her prey’s political maneuverings with the other vampires of Brooklyn and the other borroughs.  It had upset the delicate, fragile balance of the Kindred in the emerging Brooklyn, she had been told.

(Create NPC: Established Preacher that fulfills the elite, abducts laziness, and overthrows hardship)

Simonson was running hard, but she was slowly gaining on him.  His newfound powers would be no match for her well-known skills with knives.  So, when she showed up outside his  shithole Haven a little after nightfall, he ran.  After what felt like an hour running through the midnight rain of the city, Ci put in that extra boost to tackle her quarry.

(Grapple: 1)(Initiative: Ci 9 vs. Simonson 6)(Ci Ceramic Knives: 3L)

Ci grabs Simonson’s coat with her left hand, and a knife seemingly pulled itself out of the shadows in to her right as she stabs him.  Her ceramic blade shears down his shoulder blade exposing bone.  Nearly a flesh wound for a vampire.

(Does Simonson yield?  Somewhat likely.  Exceptional success.)

“I yield,” the wounded neophyte screams as he drops to the ground after being spun around by Ci and her blade.  The rain keeps falling for a second, while she makes her decision.  There is no blood running from the huge gash in Simonson’s wound because vampires don’t really bleed.

“Put these on,” she replies deciding that more stabbings were not required.  She tosses the prone vampire a set of zipcord handcuffs.  Simonson puts them on while watching her clean the blade in the rain before it disappears into her clothing.

(NPC bearing: partiality)

“I did not mean to upset the order of things at Elysium,” Simonson says carefully.  “I just feel that the Carthians are pushing too far with Brooklyn’s independence.  Don’t you think?”

Ci pulls Simonson’s by his outraised hands to his feet.  “I think that you should close up that wound when you see the Prince,” she replies.

“Why aren’t you at Staten Island with the other Acolytes?” Simonson says trying to keep things friendly.

“Why didn’t you stay in Manhattan with your zealot friends?” Ci replies, this time more openly irritated.  She thinks about the Lancea Sanctum’s coup against the Invictus, now based in Queens.  Brooklyn was a much better place to be with the Carthian ideas.  The future was shakier.  There were more nodes to affect.

Simonson begins to reply, and Ci senses that he is about to go into a programmed speech much like the that happened in Elysium.  “Shutup.  Save your words for someone who cares… or save them for your life.”

(End Scene.  New NPC: Simonson; New Thread: Simonson’s Fate; New Chaos: 6)

~ by Ravious on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Prologue – Ci”

  1. Great exciting start. Right in the mood, now. ;-} I’m wondering how much Ci cares or knows about the /why/ of what she was doing here.

    (fyi… lots of typos in there)

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