1.1 Fresh

Chapter 1, Scene 1 (Ci)

(Ci’s Stats 4/4 willpower, 7/11 vitae, full health)
(Scene  Setup (Chaos 6): Ci goes to Simonson’s hearing before the Prince the next night.  Modifier = 1, altered scene. Is the Prince making Simonson stay in holding awhile? Likely.  Yes.)

Ci knew that the Prince was expecting her tonight at his haven.  It was an odd thing, the difference in havens.  Hers was a rudimentarily secured storage locker in the boiler room of an apartment building.  His was a heavily secured brownstone in the Park Slope neighborhood.  A French family took care of the property and security.  Her favorite was Danel, a man that looked like the combination of Jean Reno and a bear.

Ci went in back from the alleyway and saw two of the security smoking on the back porch with hands relaxed on their automatic weapons.  They knew her, and she knew them.  That was enough.  The caretaker of the property made her wait though as he went to announce Ci’s arrival to the Prince.  It was a few minutes before she was called upstairs.

(Create the Prince of Brooklyn.  Known facts: Prince of Brooklyn, Carthian, Basque, male.  Kind traveler who shepherds harmony, composes science, and spoils success.)

Ci thought about the calm of Brooklyn compared to the whole of the five boroughs only a year ago.  Garaile, an up and coming Carthian Primogen to the Prince of New York, had used his power to bring about the fall of the old powers with the help of the Carthian crusade and the Dragons.  She was one of only a few Witches to join in the conflict on either side, and her actions were notable enough to get her a place in Brooklyn.  The New York vampires divvied up the boroughs, and Garaile surprisingly chose Brooklyn over Manhattan.  Invictus kept Manhattan as appeasement for their loss and rule over New York City.  The Ordo Dracul got the Bronx.  Queens became Lancea territory, and the Circle kept Staten Island, which nobody else seemed to care about anyway.

(NPC Discussion – bearing: friendly comfort; focus: power)

“Ci!” Garaile exclaimed as she entered the study.  “I wanted you to come by so I could give you thanks for the bloodless capture of Simonson.”  He was always smartly dressed in a three-piece suit, which blended in to the wood-filled room.  Her “soldier” clothes were a direct contrast to the tone he was setting.  She made mental note of this, again.

“How is he doing?” Ci replied, avoiding receptance of the thanks.

(NPC binary response: friendly, helpful => negative response.  Is Simonson still under Garaile’s control? Likely. Exceptional yes.)

“We have turned him back to the Sanctum,” Garaile smiled sadly as he placed his hand on Ci’s shoulder. “Doubtless he will receive some penance.”

(Does Ci realize he is lying? Unlikely. Yes.  Rather than filling up the Prince’s stats now and doing a contested subterfuge roll, I decided it was quicker and easier to do it this way.  His stats can come later, if necessary.)

Ci forced herself to chuckle at both his joke and lie.  He dropped his hand and gave her a cautious look, but she didn’t know whether it was because of her forced laugh at the joke or unease at being lied to for the seemingly small matter.

“Enough of matters passed us,” Garaile waved his arm to make a clear cut in the conversation. “I want you to know that because of your efforts… and others, Brooklyn is very solidly controlled.  Moreso than the Queens anyway.  I do not have anything else for you tonight.  So, go have fun with the Herd.  I will be calling on you soon enough.”

“Thank you, Garaile.  You know you can give me a call rather than make me take a cab to your place each time.”  It was costing Ci quite a bit of money to cross Brooklyn.

Garaile took the hint, responding with a few French nothing words, and pulled a stack of 20’s out of a bureau drawer.

“It is a luxury,” he smiled, “that I wish to afford.  I hope it is not a problem?”

“Not at all.  It is nice to be in an actual house for a while.”

Garaile tried to keep his smile up.  Ci saw that he was trying really hard to show that he understood, but she knew he didn’t.  Nor did he care.  Things were going in to awkward phase, which is not good for vampires of extremely different stature.

“See you tomorrow night, Garaile.” 

(End scene. New NPCs: Garaile, Danel.  Update threads: Simonson’s Fate. Maintain Chaos 6.)

~ by Ravious on April 6, 2009.

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