1.2 Tiny Vibrations

Chapter 1, Scene 2 (Ci)

(Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 7/11 Vitae, full health) 
(Scene setup (Chaos 6): Ci goes to the Rack in order to get information and possibly blood.  Modifier 2. Interrupt Scene. Inform Pleasures.)
 As she was on her way out through the brownstone’s kitchen she heard a grunt come from the pantry.  It was Danel.  The man communicated in grunts about half the time.  Very non-committal grunts.  She turned around to face him and let the screen door close behind her.
“I saw your handiwork from last night,” Danel told Ci while taking the lid off a can of Chock Full o’Nuts coffee.  He sniffed it once and gave the slightest grunt of approval.  “Garaile, he give him a new shirt.  Not that it do much good, eh Ci.”
After a second a smile streaked across Ci’s face.  His Basque accent, somewhere between romantic Frenchie and farmboy Spaniard, forced her to mentally deconstructs sentences to understand him in basic English.  He was now sniffing the empty coffee pot, but Ci thought with the coffee can still open in the crook of his arm, there wouldn’t be much else to smell.
 (Create Danel.  Known facts: Basque gangster.  Securty for Prince of Brooklyn.  Looks like Jean Reno and a bear.  Friendly towards Ci.  Hopeless judge who reviews harmony, achieves deprivation, and promotes the downtrodden.)
 “Is between you and me, but I think Simonson’s not so guilty.  And, word on the street is that the Lancea over there,” Danel stopped scooping coffee for a nod out the dark window, “are not so happy with the situation.  I guess he was supposed to meet one of the holy last night.”
“Why would Garaile not tell me?”  Ci asked, and got an immediate grunt in reply.  They listened to the coffee percolate for a minute, then Danel finally broke the comfortable silence.
“That is not a question for mere mortals like me, Ci.  But, I would not go making my way into Queens for a time.  You are known enough in New York, I think.  Simonson’s disappearance caused quite a stir.”
When Danel finished the talk, he looked at the spoon he was holding and gave another grunt.  Ci thought amusement.
 (Is Danel in the Moirai? Very unlikely. Yes.)
 The Basque sipped black coffee, and spoke into the cup in a mere whisper.  Ci focused her hearing, and the words were as clear as if whispered straight into her ear.
“They are pleased.”
 (End scene. Update NPC: Danel.  Chaos 5, Danel being in the Moirai was pretty huge.)
 (Notes:  One of the central themes of Ci’s story is going to be her actions on fate.  My goal is to have the story be very Moirai based (a shadow cult that outside vampires are not even aware of), and her actions are nearly those of the Watchmaker.  In this case she was informed that she caused something.  Enough of a something that the Moirai working the Tapestry (intertwined fates) would notice, and in this case want.  She and Danel are really low on the totem pole for Moirai, but I am thinking that with the New York shakeup a lot of Moirai movers were “sacrificed.”  We will see where this goes.)

~ by Ravious on April 8, 2009.

One Response to “1.2 Tiny Vibrations”

  1. Oozing atmosphere. Tentacles of plot come creeping out of the darkness. ;-}

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