1.3.a Reverb

Chapter 1, Scene 3.a (Ci)

(Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 7/11 Vitae, full health)
(Scene Setup (Chaos 5): Ci goes to the Rack in order to get information for the Prince and/or Moirai and possibly blood.  Modifier 8.  No change.)
 Ci paid for the cab, with a decent tip, when the cabbie dropped her off at one of Brooklyn’s Racks, Smith Street.  Smith Street was usually full of nightlife and vampire meals, and the Prince’s protection well encompassed the surrounding neighborhoods of Park Slope, where Garaile resided.  Smith Street was practically the Rack next door.  Though, it was a distance away from Bath Beach, where Ci’s pisspoor Haven stood.
There was always room for her at the most crowded bars on Smith Street.  Unlike many of the girls entering the bars, Ci was not wearing the latest copycat fashions.  Her clothes were edgy.  She belonged more in a biker bar than a New York yuppie crawl, and Ci thought the bouncers appreciated that.  Or, maybe she was just someone the bouncers didn’t want to fuck with.  It rarely mattered. 
(Right now I don’t have enough context for information, etc. so I am just going to roll a random event and see what happens.  Release possessions.  And the lucky person is an untrained fortune-hunter who takes servitude, detects ghosts, and deters technology.  The first thing that popped to mind was a shipwreck searcher, and it is thus.  If I need to roll him up he will have the merit Unseen Sense with a bonus to drowned dead or ghost detection or something.  He refuses to use all the latest imaging tech that other searchers are using, and makes a point of it all the time.  Richard Stucco.)
 Ci, however, was not used to the scene before her when she entered one of the larger bars on Smith Street.  Instead of loosely flocked people standing and sitting around in clumps, the whole bar was focused on one man standing on top of the bar.  He was awkardly talking to the people below him, and his rough cut jeans and a blue-collar work jacket made him stand out more in the chic-dressed bar crowd. She focused her attention on him for a few seconds. 
(Aura Perception 7-3 (Richard’s composure) = no success.)
 The man’s colors were muddled with the crowd gathered around his feet giving off too much of their own energy.  Otherwise, he looked like he had just won the lottery.  A few of the more ruggedly dressed men in the crowd seemed to be toasting him.  Ci leaned against a column in the middle of the room, away from the bar, to watch the proceedings for awhile. 
(Are there other vampire’s in the bar? Unlikely. No.)
 After a couple minutes scanning the bar for Kindred (and others), Ci decided it was time to hunt.  Just then, a few men joined the other on top of the bar and started singing what sounded like a sea chanty.  The song ended, and cheers erupted.  The toasts seemed to focus on “Richard.”  The man, who was on the bar when Ci entered, threw a wad of cash at the bartender.  The crowd cheered, and more toasts were made as the bartender went in to free-drinks-for-all mode.
Ci thought that the hunt tonight would be really easy or really hard.  One of “Richard’s” lackeys would be good targets, but then she would have to find a way to peel the guy away from the crowd.  She gave the bar another once over to see if there were anybody on the fringes. 
(Is there a shipmate not joining in? 50/50.  No.  Is there a person not joining in? Somewhat likely. Yes.  Is this person alone?  Likely. No.)
 Ci turned to eye a booth where a nicely dressed man was glumly nursing a beer.  It seemed that one of the lackeys was trying to get him to join the others at the bar. 
(Create glum man.  Lethargic superior who depresses family, joins purity, and abduct knowledge.  Matt O’Connor.  Matt was the captain of the search and rescue vessel, Sharon, which was hired by Richard over a year ago.  They “stumbled” upon a sunken slave vessel, which back then was on its way back to Africa, off the southeast coast of the U.S., and finders-keepers, the whole crew became rich.  They went back out one more time, found another trading vessel, and became richer.  Then Matt found out about Richard’s power, and washed his hands of the whole thing…. except that by then Richard had contracted Matt’s boat for years ahead.  Matt put his first mate in charge, and stayed home.  At home he was about as delightful as a man on death row.  His ship was his life.)
 (Aura Perception 7-2 (Matt’s composure) = one success.)
 The lackey finally shrugged and headed back to the party.  Ci decided to make her move.  The man’s aura was stark brown, but Ci thought she could at least use his bitterness to get him away from the Herd.  A quick snack was all she wanted.  She sat down at the table across from him and glanced at the wedding ring he was flicking with his thumb on his left hand.  Ci just stared across the table at him, while he stared back solemnly.  He broke the silence by sipping his beer and breaking eye contact.
“I’m the wrong person to get a drink from,” he began, nodding towards the noisy crowd, “the booze is overflowing over there.”
“It’s not as noise over here,” Ci replied.  She hated this part, and wished like a Daeva or Ventrue she could just make blood call to blood.  Instead she had to flirt.  Danel said she flirted like she wanted to “fight and fuck.”  She was working on that.
“Suit yourself.”
“Mine name’s Ci,” she said extending her hand across the wooden threshold.
He looked at it like it might not be what it seemed before responding with a return handshake.  “Matt O’Connor.”
She thought about asking him why he was over here when Matt clearly knew about the party.  Ci did have one trick up her sleeve, and it might be a welcome distraction from the people he was bitter against.
“Want your fortune read?”  Ci broke the silence that had built up again by pulling a small stack of tarot cards out of nowhere.
“Neat trick,” was all that Matt replied.  He didn’t say “no,” so Ci started shuffling.  She asked him to cut the deck.
“How much?” Matt said staring at the deck like he did with her extended hand.
“Absolutely, nothing.”
“There’s always something,” he chuckled, meanly, while cutting the deck towards her.
She correctly picked up the shuffled tarot deck, and flipped over the first card towards Matt.

~ by Ravious on April 13, 2009.

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