1.3.b Reverb

“The first card is your significator,” Ci started and flipped over the first card.  Even without using her Auspex fueled senses, she could smell the cryptic perfume that the cards carried.  They did not smell every time, and it seemed like the more she could smell the cards, the better the divination.  Ci wondered if Matt could smell the warm aroma of frankincense and flowers that was trying to block out the beer and the noise.  She was pretty sure his human nose could not pick up the afterbite of ash.
“The King of Wands.  He is where you start.  A decisive and passionate man.  You make decisions and stick to them.  This is your foundation.” 
(Does he get interested? 50/50. Exceptional yes.)
 Matt stopped drinking mid-sip, and stared at Ci.  She watched his aura for any shifts, and it went from muddy brown to a shock gold.  Ci knew he was going to believe whatever the cards said.
“The next card is the Light card,” Ci continued more softly so that he would have to concentrate. “It’s the effect that the universe has on you, which is Justice.  The world seems to give you a feeling of objectivity, maybe even responsibility.”
“You analyze what you see before,” and then she pointed back to the King of Wands, “and make decisions.”  Ci emphasized the last word in a way that made it sound good.  With mortals, the best bet was to flatter them in the beginning and then tell the truth.
“After that we get the Dark card, which is how you affect the universe.  In your case it’s the Queen of Coins, which means you share your wealth.  So, it seems like you take things in, reap the benefits because of your clear-thinking decisions, and then share what you have reaped.  Seems like you have no reason to be bitter here.”  Ci took the gamble, while placing the card down to start a pyramid.  The next card would start the third row. 
(NPC binary response: relationship – neutral, mood – sociable = very affirmative.)
 “It’s just that Richard…” Matt started to explain the exact reason he was not partying, but Ci stopped him.
“Let the cards have their turn,” she smoothed out the abrupt interruption, “then… with the Creator card we have The Devil, which I think means that you have a decision to make regarding some of your possessions.  Or, maybe a belief.  Something is stopping you from moving forward, and whatever is in the way is pretty ingrained in you.”
“The Sustainer Card is Temperance.  This is the best spot for Temperance because it means you are mostly in balance.  You shouldn’t change your core, which might help you decide whatever else is affecting you,”  Ci continued with the Tarot reading, while resting the side of her hand on the Devil card.  Matt took notice.
“The last card in this row is The Tower in the Destroyer spot.  The old decisions you should leave behind are ones of ruin or maybe even,” she stopped to look at him for effect, “epiphanies.  Either way, what’s done is done, and the Cards are telling you to stop trying to decide if you made the right decision because you already decided.”  Matt’s eyes returned to the King of Wands at the top of the three-tiered pyramid.
“The next row are the element cards: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. They are the King of Cups, the Seven of Coins, the King of Swords, and the Three of Cups.  The King of Swords fortifies the King of Wands. Your decisive, passionate reasoning is based on objectivity and intellect.”
Ci was interrupted by a drunk man that slammed his empty beer mug on the table.
“Richard,” Matt announced the interruption before returning to his own beer, his eyes now safely away from the cards.
“What is this, Matt?” Richard said with the surety of alcohol behind is accusation, “You need magic cards to make you happy?  Here let me tell you what they say.”  Richard pretends to lean over the table and stroke a beard that doesn’t exist.
“This guy says you are a pussy for not coming with us.  This angel thing says you are stupid for not coming with us.  And, this tower thingy is where you hole up to hide because you aren’t on your ship.”
Matt looks at Ci, trying to figure out if he should do something.  Ci shrugs in response.  However, the lackey who was at Matt’s table before comes over and hauls Richard away before he does something stupid.  Like touch the cards.
“I think the cards speak truly,” Ci begins again pretending there was no pause in her reading, “It is interesting that you have three of the four Kings, but you have the Queen of Coins instead of the King.  The Queen of Coins shares her wealth, but the King of Coins gains power through that wealth.  I think the King of Coins, even though it was not drawn, might be the Card speaking the loudest.  You are powerless to change things with all that you own, or at least you think you are.”
Matt got up out of the booth right after her pronouncement.  He pretended that Ci and her cards no longer existed, and she knew that the moment between them had gone.  For many Moirai it was like this: food or movement.  In this case, she had this feeling that Matt would cause ripples in the Tapestry.  The Seers might even take notice.  He was out the door before she had her cards back in her pocket (and she was very swift).
She spent the rest of the night at the bar waiting for one of the joy-filled lackeys to wander outside for a fresh smoke, puke, or a piss.  It was all but inevitable.  
(Feeding: Manipulation+Empathy+2 (Rack) = Failure.)
 And, yet it seemed like there was no good chance to help one of the drunken guys get rid of some excess fluid without another being present.  Tomorrow night would be okay.  She was only starting to get hungry. 
(End Scene.  New NPCs: Richard, Matt.  Chaos 6, everything was mostly safe.)
 (Notes: Even with a cut scene, I will visit Richard and Matt’s story later on.  This is one of the great things about Mythic GME.  You can peer beyond.  Anyway, for the Tarot, I actually rolled up the cards in random order. 1-78 was a card, 79-00 was a reroll.  I used the wikipedia for help, and the scene turned out pretty well.  Apologies to those that know how to do Tarot.  I should mention that when Ci really wants to divine something, she uses Hauspicy, which I won’t explain right now.)

~ by Ravious on April 14, 2009.

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