1.6.b Happenings Past and Present

On the way to the taxi stop, there were no easy targets to feed from.  With a little effort Ci knew she could have had her pick, but she did not have that kind of time or hunger.  If she was really pressed she could draw a snack from a human Moirai, but she would have to repay with a favor.  Ci did not want to owe anybody favors, especially a human.  Tomorrow night could be a night for blood.  With a sigh of regret she hailed the first cab in line.

(Is the taxi driver going to try and talk to Ci? Unlikely.  Yes.  Immigrant [80%]? Yes.  Female [20%]? No.  Alluring politician.  Compel literature.  Brooklyn School Board by day and taxi driver by night.)

The cab pulled up next to Ci, and the cabbie tried to jump out and grab the door for Ci.  It was a novice move.  A veteran would have seen that Ci was indeed a New Yorker and just pulled up.  The only people that appreciated cab doors being held for them were tourists.  Ci grinned when she sat down and closed the door before the cab driver reached it.  She thought he cursed when he ran back around to the driver’s seat.

(NPC Discussion Module – Bearing = madness (insane), Focus = last scene (Ted’s ferry ride))

“New Dorp on Staten,” Ci said while pretending to fiddle with her cell phone.

“You have toll money?” the cabbie asked before heading out in to traffic.

“Yes.”  Ci glared at the rearview mirror while throwing a twenty-dollar bill through the payment bucket.

The cab driver put the money on his dashboard so that the customer could see it through the plexiglass window between the front and rear seats.  It was his way of saying he would not mess with her.

(Aura Perception 7-2 (cabbie’s composure) = two successes.)

She watched the back of his head as he pulled out in to traffic.  It was interesting watching the human mannerisms she had forgotten.  The Masquerade held by all vampires required that those mannerisms be emulated as much as possible.  Mannerisms like blinking.  After fifty years of dancing the Masquerade Ci was pretty good at remembering.  Her focus went to that intangible realm and she saw yellow colors.  She knew the cabbie was an idealist.  Probably wished he could save her like a knight in shining armor.  Yet, the longer she stared at the colors the more they started swirled and tried to draw her in.  Ci broke eye contact with his aura when she felt the cab hit the bridge.  The cabbie was talking, and Ci didn’t know how long she had let him ramble without reply.

“Those fucking ferries are there just like I told you,” Ci heard from the cab driver.  She wondered what theories she had missed.  She stared out the side of the window to see lights coming off of the boats below.

“Nobody uses them to travel.  Everybody who is smart uses taxis.  There are a bunch of druggies that ride the ferries through the bay all day.  That’s it.  The wastes of life sit there staring at the buildings from the water.  People that have nothing to do.  But, we have stuff to do.  People in taxis have stuff to do.”

Ci wondered if she openly sighed if he would shut up or if it would just make it worse.  She didn’t want to be told that she belonged on a ferry.  She opted to remain silent instead.

“They wanted to have fucking field trips for the kids on the ferries.  Not even to see Ellis or anything.  Just to go out on the water like some stoners.  Kids would learn more just reading about the bay.  Can’t see anything through the pollution anyway.”

Ci started to shuffle her tarot cards with her right hand.  It helped to drown out the man’s rambling.  He kept at it through the whole ride, and did not require so much as an obligatory grunt from Ci.  By the end of the ride she wondered if she would ever ride a ferry again.  Annoying as it was, the cabbie’s argument had a certain appeal.  Of course taxis were nearly the blood of New York, or at least a strong artery.  Ci stopped shuffling the cards, and put them away, deciding to fore go pulling a card for the cabbie.

She got out a few blocks from the Encore, and let him keep the rest of the twenty.  Thoughts of ferries we already a far off dream in her mind.


~ by Ravious on April 30, 2009.

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