1.6.c Happenings Past and Present

(Part of the way I play this game is “what feels right.”  Sometimes I just see notches in the pattern and I run with it whether it is cliche or possibly shaping the game against the system.  I had a tough time with “Travel Enemies.”  Would Ci be accosted on the way?  Were they Invictus?  Etc.  Then it came to me that Ci was not friendly with all of the Circle, especially since they see her as a Carthian lapdog.  Enemies do not always mean combat.)
(A three-vampire Coterie of the Circle see Ci as an enemy within their Covenant.)
(Did Ci used to be part of their Coterie? 50/50. No.)
(The Coterie Leader: Skilled Expert, Comparable in “Power” to Ci, Drive Charity, Account Advice, Maintain Freedom.  Dhalia.  I get the feeling she is a Gangrel.  Circle of the Crone.)

“Do you see what I see.”

Ci stopped as she heard the sing song phrase filled with homophones cut across the street.  She had stopped the taxi a few blocks from the Encore to maintain the location’s secrecy from humans and other vampires, and Ci had not thought that she might meet another Kindred or three on the way.  Ci grimaced at the thought of not being able to even go to the Moirai ceremony tonight.  The interlopers could never know her real purpose for being on Staten Island.

She saw Dhalia and her two neonates.  Dahlia was already making her way across, and the youngbloods seemed unsure whether to give the two older vampires privacy or back up their Coterie leader.  Ci was glad that she had already met the neonates so the urge to destroy them would not present itself.

(NPC Bearing: Prejudiced: Reputation. NPC Focus: Antagonist.  Well jee willy, I wonder what Dahlia is going to want to discuss. Stupid dice.)

“Good to see you, Dahlia,” Ci hoped that by being nice Dahlia might get bored and go away.

Dahlia ignored her and continued the song-like speech, “I see Ci-Ci-Ci seeeee.”  She was now a few feet in front of Ci.  The two neonates finally decided to cross the street as well.

“What brings you here, sis?”  Dahlia re-shouldered her backpack.  Ci knew it would be filled with Macguyver-esque tools. “Boss sent you to see the bitches?  Are you on an errand?  Afraid the big, bad Lancea will come and get’ya!?”

As soon as the two lackeys were at Dahlia’s side she popped the big question, “You’re not over here hunting are you?”  Ci knew this was not rhetorical.

“Of course not, my herd is in Brooklyn,” Ci replied trying to ignore all the other jabs.  “Anyway, I was going to see Rachel.”  The half-lie was necessary.  She would see Rachel at the Encore, but she knew they thought it meant Rachel’s haven.

“The Haruspex,” hissed Dhalia, the neonates looked uncomfortable as if they decided this conversation was not really for them.  “I don’t even know why she would talk to a traitor.  Her gifts are not for you.”

“That is for the Hierophant or Rachel to decide,” Ci added an edge to her proclamation.  “I am still an Acolyte.”

“Superficially.”  Dhalia waited for a response, but Ci decided the conversation had run its course.

“Rachel is expecting me,” Ci broke the silence, which was clearly beginning to be uncomfortable for the neonates.

(Does Dhalia let her go? 50/50.  Yes.)

“Fine.  But, you better run back home right after.  This is not your territory.”  With talk of ending the conversation, the neonates backed the command by standing closer to Dhalia.

Ci held her tongue.  It wasn’t Dhalia’s territory either.  It was Rachel’s, and Ci wondered why Dhalia was there in the first place.  Something to save for later.  Now Ci would definitely have to walk a few more miles to Rachel’s haven to make sure she was not followed, and then she would have to walk back to the Encore.  With that quick thought, Ci walked away without so much as a grunt.

(Do they follow Ci? 50/50. Exceptional yes.  Does Ci know this? Wits(3)+Stealth(2+1)+Auspex(3) vs. lowest neonates’s Wits (2)+Stealth(0)= 3 vs. 0).  The reason I gave Ci Wits+Stealth as well is because she was actively watching for them, rather than not even knowing she was being shadowed.  I guess under vanilla rules it should be two contested rolls, but this makes it quicker.)

It was easy enough to see the two neonates following her.  One was making some effort to shadow her from afar, but the other seemed oblivious to Dhalia’s likely command of ‘not being seen.’

(Is Dhalia following her too? Unlikely.  No.)

Ci did not see Dhalia, which made her a little more uneasy.  Dhalia possessed, as far as Ci knew, few stealth-like skills.  Still, it was better to be on guard.  Instead of shaking off her pursuers she would lead them to Rachel’s and then make sure that they knew Ci knew about them all along.  She doubted they would want to deal with Rachel, even though Rachel would not even be there.

It would make Ci later than she wanted to the ceremony, but all Moirai built a lot of time in to getting to a gathering.  Secrecy was much more important than attendance.

(End scene.  New NPC: Dhalia.  Chaos 5, enough Chaos to lower things me thinks. Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 6/11 Vitae, full health.)

~ by Ravious on June 3, 2009.

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