1.7 Interluded

(Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 6/11 Vitae, full health)
(Scene Setup (Chaos 5): Ci is at the Moirai meeting. Modifier 4. Interrupt. Attach Randomness. A bus hits Ci. Blame the peanut gallery on that one.)

 When Ci was reasonably sure that the young vampires had run back to Dhalia, she turned back down the stairs to Rachel’s home.  Ci was lost in her own thoughts about Rachel.  The bus came barreling down on her before she knew what to do.

 (Ci wits + composure = 2 successes.  Bus damage roll = 21 size + 4 speed – 2 Ci’s wits – 3 Defense – 2 athletics = 5 bashing.)

 Ci managed to jump out of the way of being completely run over, and the bus, going at least 40 miles per hour, clipped her legs while she was midair.  She went spinning in the air and landed on the concrete curb.

 (Does the bus keep going? 50/50. Yes)

The bus actually sped up as it went down the residential street.  Ci wished she had a chance to look at the driver.  Clearly this was not a usual occurrence for the bus to be gunning down a residential street with a hit and run.  She could already feel the vitae in her mending the bruised bones before the bus was gone from sight far down the street.  It had ignored all the stop signs along the way.

 Ci was not happy with the evening’s events thus far.  She was supposed to be at the Moirai ceremony by now.  She was already frazzled by Dhalia and nervous from being in proximity to Rachel.  Now she was bruised and dirty from being hit by a god damned bus.  She checked her cargo pants pocket for her tarot cards, and started jogging through the alleys towards the Encore.

(End scene.  Chaos 4, another interrupt and a rocket bus.  Things need to calm down a bit. Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 4/11 Vitae, one bashing damage.)

~ by Ravious on June 11, 2009.

One Response to “1.7 Interluded”

  1. No one, not even the undead lords of night, are safe from rocketbus. ;-}

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