1.8 Weavings

(Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 4/11 Vitae, one bashing damage)
(Scene Setup (Chaos 4): Ci is at the Moirai meeting. Modifier 9. Proceed.)

The Moirai meeting had once or twice been held at the Encore long ago.  The shadow cult rarely held a full meeting at the same place in a decade.  The semi-weekly human meetings were different, but then they were a little more inconspicuous as well.  The full meetings, which the vampires attended, were often filled with illegal, sometimes immoral, activities.  It depended on the ceremony holder’s mood.

(Is Ci the last to arrive? 50/50. Yes)

After passing through layers of human and ghoul security, Ci made it the theatre proper where the ceremony would be held.  She passed row after row of seating, where animals, vagrants, and weather had left some seats overturned or destroyed.  Some still had patches of stained velvet, reminding Ci of better times.  The six other hooded vampires were standing on stage in their ceremonial robes.  Ci stripped bare in an awkward procession heading down towards the stage.  She saw her robe on the ground in an empty spot next to Rachel.  A ghoul was already picking up her disrobed articles by the time Ci climbed on stage.  Her nakedness drew no attraction from any of the six vampires.  It wasn’t that they had grown bored with the body that they had seen in the nude throughout the unchanging years.  It was just that their lust was for the living.  Regardless, Ci quickly covered up with the ceremonial robe.

While the five others ignored the newcomer, Ci saw that Rachel was watching her out of the corner of her eye.  Rachel’s beauty always took Ci’s breath away.  For a vampire that had lived decades practicing the art of breathing, it was just as meaningful as a human’s.  Rachel’s beauty was enhanced by the intricate gold patterns that sparkled around her robe.  The pattern seemed to allude to a complex spiderweb, but any Moirai would clearly see an interpretation of the Tapestry.  The robe had the most adornments in the ceremony, which clearly marked her Moirai station as a Fate.  The other five had a few simpler patterns, which would grow in time and station as they were the Seers of the Moirai.  Only Ci’s was unadorned.  Ever since she had been created, Ci had remained a lowly Weaver.

Rachel cleared her throat, which was all that was needed to acknowledge the start of the ceremony.  Ci closed her eyes and unconsciously focused on all the sounds.  She heard the ghouls and human Moirai protection shutting the theatres doors and exiting on the crushed velvet floor.  She heard one of the security check his automatic weapon further down the hallway towards the stand that used to sell popcorn to theatre-goers.  Ci even let her sense bring her to the street where she heard a few cars go by.  Her errant thoughts snapped her back to the ceremony.

Ci grew a little ashamed, and if she had pulsing blood it would have surely risen to her face.  The other six vampires had their eyes closed anyway.  She had to concentrate on the Tapestry.  It was not as easy as invoking the Crone with a blood ritual, but Ci believed that the diviniations were far more accurate.

(wits+occult+auspex = 10 dice = 3 successes, event: return home.  Is home London? 50/50. No.)

Ci focused in her mind on the location of the seven vampires standing in a crude, unfinished circle formation.  She imagined she was looking down on points of light, and Ci herself was one of the envisioned points.  The points of light grew lines that spread inward and outward.  Ci concentrated on crossing the lines that grew towards the center.  Maintaining focus on the intricate web in her mind was something that took Ci years of training.  She was not even sure a human was capable of such focus.

She focused on the point in the middle and willed the web to become more complex.  Ci thought she was about to lose the vision when it took on life of its own.  No longer was the vampire in control of the vision, and the web became complex like a fractal.  Now Ci was a mere observer, trying to find patterns in the insane crossing and points of light.  The lines of light took a geometric shape, and Ci immediately recognized the building where her Haven was hidden.

It felt like a moment later when she opened her eyes, and the other six vampires, all better trained with Moirai secrets, were watching patiently for Ci to finish.  There was no race to finish.  As far as the Moirai present were concerned, they would be at the theatre all day if necessary.  However, tonight’s ceremony took only a few hours.

Rachel was the first to speak as it was always considered that her vision would be the strongest.  As a Fate, she would determine and set the events that would last until the next ceremony, where the Moirai gathered would return with their goal accomplished or die trying.

(rachel’s vision: release animals.  From the Brooklyn Zoo? 50/50. No. From a dog pound? 50/50. No. From a prison? 50/50. Yes.)

“I saw Kindred releasing the rabid hounds from prison.  Their purpose was not clear to me.  But, the chaos coming from their entry back in to society must be inflicted on the Tapestry.”

(the five others visions: activity advice, neglect vehicle, guide misfortune, waste riches, praise power)

As the other Moirai shared their visions a story began to evolve from the unshared visions.  Rachel deftly wove together the seemingly random visions of cars left running unattended, funneling plague rats towards food, and defacing rare coins in to a prophecy of guiding the prisoners towards a gathering of the rich, while working them up in to a frenzy, and leading the wolves to slaughter the gathered lambs.  It was an event that rivaled the Kindred upheaval.

“And, Ci, please share your vision.  Yours must have been a powerful one given the time you watched the Tapestry.”  Rachel asked.  Ci was not sure how wounded her pride should be.

Ci began anyway with no embellishment, “I saw the building where my Haven lies.  It arose out of the Tapestry in the finest detail.  That was it.  I felt like I was in my Haven, only seeing things from the outside.”

(Does Ci’s building have a penthouse? Somewhat likely. Exceptional yes.)

Rachel raised an eyebrow.  Ci was not sure whether she would be scolded or scoffed at.

“The building has a pretty active penthouse,” Ci threw in before Rachel’s judgment came down. “The gathering of the rich might take place there.”

(Does Rachel think that Ci’s interpretation is correct? 50/50. No.)

“I do not believe so, childe.”  Rachel responded.  Ci winced at the insult.  “I believe that the Tapestry does not wish you to be part of this event.  You will, of course, help with the preparations, but on that night you will remain at your Haven.  This is understood?”

Ci nodded.  The last part was not really a question.

Rachel offered a slight nod in response, and then turned to face the other five.  “We have seven weeks.  Each of you should understand your part, and you may use Ci for help.  I will be planning with our human contingent.  Fate be with you.”

(Does Rachel want to talk with Ci afterwards? 50/50. No.)

Ci made a move towards Rachel while the other vampires were heading towards the exits.  The ghouls would have their street clothes ready for them.  Rachel shook her head while looking at the floor the seven were just standing on.  Ci stopped, and abruptly about-faced.  Most of the other Moirai noticed this.  Ci was hungry, ashamed, and more than hurt at the entire night’s events.  Perhaps Dhalia was right.  Ci might run back to Garaile’s Brooklyn with her tail between her legs.

(End scene.  Chaos 5, things cooled down enough. Ci’s Stats 4/4 Willpower, 4/11 Vitae, one bashing damage. New Thread: The Moirai’s Prison Break)

~ by Ravious on June 18, 2009.

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