This is a solo roleplaying game using White Wolf’s World of Darkness and Vampire the Requiem with Word Mill Games Mythic Game Master Emulator and Conjecture Games Universal NPC Emulator.

The main character is Ci, a vampire, whose counterpart is Ted Brautigan, a retired New York detective.  They knew each other once, as twin brother and sister, worlds ago.  Now they are in the same city, only in different times… or dreams.  Will those dreams end if they meet once again?

The posts themselves are divided up into prose and rules.  The rules are only in place for those interested in seeing what is under the hood.

The game itself is run on four White Wolf books with Mythic Game Master Emulator (GME) and Universal NPC Emulator (UNE) attached.  The four White Wolf books are World of Darkness corebook, Vampire the Requiem corebook, Circle of the Crone sourcebook, and the Mekhet sourcebook.  Mythic GME is a system that allows players to play pen-n-paper roleplaying games without an assigned GM.  I wrote UNE to supplement Mythic GME because I was having a tough time with NPCs.


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  1. Gonna be fun! Need links to your emulator doohickies! ;-}

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