Danel: One of the human security members at Garaile’s haven. One of Ci’s favorite “soldiers” under Garaile.  He looks like a cross between Jean Reno and a bear.

Dhalia:  The Coterie Leader with two others: Skilled Expert, Comparable in “Power” to Ci, Drive Charity, Account Advice, Maintain Freedom.  Dhalia.  I get the feeling she is a Gangrel.  Circle of the Crone.

Garaile: Kind traveler who shepherds harmony, composes science, and spoils success.  Carthian. Daeva. Prince of Brooklyn. Basque. Orchestrated the downfall of the Prince of New York with the Carthians and Ordo Dracul, which split the boroughs.  He is usually wearing a smartly tailored three-piece suit.  His haven is a brownstone in the Park Slope neighborhood, which is up kept by a French family.

Matt O’Connor

Richard Stucco:

Simonson: Established Preacher that fulfills the elite, abducts laziness, and overthrows hardship.  Lancea Sanctum.  Daeva.  Neonate.  He was captured by Ci, and brought before the Prince for trying to cause some small uprising in Brooklyn.  His mistake was proselytizing at Elysium. Attributes: M322, P222, S332. BP1.


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