Simonson’s Fate – Simonson was caught after fleeing from Ci.  He was ordered brought before the Prince of Brooklyn for disrupting Elysium with his Lancea Sanctum politicking.  Ci caught the lie when asking the Prince about Simonson’s fate the night after she caught Simonson.  The Prince claimed Simonson was shipped back to the Lancea Sanctum.

Slave Treasure – Matt was the captain of the search and rescue vessel, Sharon, which was hired by Richard over a year ago.  They “stumbled” upon a sunken slave vessel, which back then was on its way back to Africa, off the southeast coast of the U.S., and finders-keepers, the whole crew became rich.  They went back out one more time, found another trading vessel, and became richer.  Then Matt found out about Richard’s power to sense ghosts, and washed his hands of the whole thing…. except that by then Richard had contracted Matt’s boat for years ahead.  Matt put his first mate in charge, and stayed home.

The Moirai’s Prison Break – The Moirai Shadow Cult of New York is setting up a prison break wherein the prisoners would be funneled towards a gathering of the upper class.  Ci is not allowed to participate and has been told to stay at her Haven that night.


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